Leticia's Lab | Design Studio
From Business Brand Building to Creative Customs — The Laboratory provides 100% Customized Graphics, Hand-Painted Accessories & more!


Design Services

Brand Identity + Stationary

Logos, Business Cards, Resumes, Branding Books, Letterheads, Flyers, Posters, Post Cards, Promotional Design + more!

Product Design

Packaging Design, Custom Calendars, Stickers, Book Covers, Product Tags, Pop Up Banners, Custom Acrylic Painting + more!

Apparel Design

Spreading awareness or taking a trip to Disneyland? Get your custom graphics + handmade garments created through the Laboratory!

Web Design + Social Media

Banners, Icons, Headers, Snapchat Filters, Ad Creation, Web Design, Web + Social Media Maintenance.

Custom Painting

Perfume bottles, canvas, shoes, bags, glasses, wallets, etc.. Get custom acrylics on your favorite garments!

Party Essentials

Invitations, Custom Party Banners, RSVP Cards, Candy Bag Toppers, Party Signs, Stickers & Custom Party Props, Backdrops. Everything custom!