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Custom Creator, UI/UX Designer, Disney Junkie, Coffee Lover, and Creative Consultant!

My name is Leticia and I’m a Graphic Designer and UI/UX Designer. I was born and raised in Broderick, CA.

I spent my single-digit years reciting Picasso’s greatest achievements, drawing illustrations and playing Disney movies back-to-back. As a teenager, admiring the work of Walt Disney and Salvador Dali came easy. The older I became, the bigger my passion grew for designing, illustrating and painting.

In 2014, I graduated from The Art Institute of California with an Associates degree in Web Design and Interactive Media. Shortly after, I began my career as a Graphic/Web Designer at a company here in Sacramento. Throughout my creative career I’ve designed murals and magazines, built brand guides and book spreads. I was also MACYS Arden Fair Mall’s, featured Guest Artist for the months of March, May and September.

Find me behind the screen or on the scene — Expressing myself through Digital Design, Illustrations and Painting!

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